Friday, April 25, 2014

The Ultimate Editing Checklist

Hello blogosphere,

It's been a while, hasn't it?  Generally, my instinct during my busiest writing periods is to seclude myself and forget about the world outside of my writing, but I am missing the inspiration and connection that I receive from being an active part of the blog world. Since I have some catching up to do, I thought I'd post the tried and true editing checklist and ask you for your advice. Is there anything you would add? What about points that you struggle with?

So here are the fourteen questions you need to ask yourself before you send out your manuscript:

1) Have you made all of your passive sentences active?
2) Have you eliminated common words? (For me, these are yeah, well, that, been, really, very, and was)
4) Do the characters' personalities differ enough?
5) Does every scene contain action? Not just an info dump?
6) Are your characters consistent in their actions and dialog? No sudden changes of heart or jumps in tone of voice?
7) Are all of the characters essential to your story?
8) Are you telling too much, instead of letting the readers learn for themselves?
9) Do you give the reader enough info about every character as they enter the story? Would your readers be able to finish and tell you the characters' ages, rough images, and personalities.
10) Are your suspenseful actions suspensful? (Not just mentioned once in the beginning and then appear 100 pages later)
11) Are your plot twists developed so though the reader will not initially figure them out, they can look back and have it all make sense?
12) Are all of your scenes told from one POV? Or at least, only one POV, per chapter?
13) Are you using -ly words sparingly? Replacing them with stronger verbs or metaphor?
14) Are you using appropriate grammar and punctuation? (Check for misplaced apostraphes, over-use or under-use of commas, missing question marks, single dashes where double dashes should be and vice versa, etc)

<3 Gina Blechman