Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Disturbance in Muse

Muses can be many different things to different people. Sometimes they're tangible. Sometimes they're not. Sometimes they're people. Sometimes they're objects, ideas, sounds, hobbies, or just a flicker of inspiration in passing. Personally, I have many muses, but, as of recently, my muse has often been a person.

A close friend of mine, who for now I'll refer to as 'Muse', has been my muse for a good year or so. Her support was critical during the querying process for my last book. Her presence inspired my writing, my current manuscript, and over a dozen songs in under eight months' time. Something about her energy complimented something in me, and both having her support, having her conversation, and being around her, and/or thinking back on her, kept my internal writer's light on high.

But as they say about "having too much of a good thing", my relationship with Muse is becoming strained, as the light I see in her is ever increasing with what she has inspired in me. Suddenly, I have become overtly aware of the difference in perception between Muse and I, and I cannot seem to focus on anything else whenever I start to write. It feels wrong using Muse as...well...a muse, and I can't get myself to do it. Though working on new projects is fine, going back to the old, Muse inspired manuscript is not working out as planned. I have no idea how to overcome this.

Have you had this problem? What did (or what would) you do?

<3 Gina Blechman


  1. I dont use a real person as my muse for inspiration so I haven't run across this problem, however I can see it as quite the predicament! I use Julie Andrews as inspiration! I adore her! Shes never steered me wrong! My hubby helps with added thoughts.

    I hope you work everything out!!

  2. Any time I have tried to 'use' a real person (or even a fictional one) as inspiration, the distractions were too much to handle. I've no idea what a muse might be. A deadline is good motivation for me, but hardly inspiring. Stephen King said his muse was a guy in a flattop and overalls barking at him to get back to work. Could use something like that, I think.

  3. Interesting. I could see how using a real person could put a strain on writing, becasue our lives really aren't always that exciting and real people mean real pet peeves. I generally use life as my muse becasue I find there is always inspiration in the world around me :)

  4. Yeah I don't use a real person as my inspiration for writing. Rather, my inspiration is a lack of real persons.

  5. When my muse evades me, I take a break. You can't force creativity in the first place, and when you try - writing turns to shit. At least for me.

    So, give yourself permission to make your muse chase you. She'll find you again and you'll write with that passion you're missing now.