Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whataya Want From Me

"Whataya want from me?" Not only is this the title of a (very good) Adam Lambert song, but it is also a question that us writers ask ourselves all of the time. Whether due to rejections from agents, in response to crazy suggestions by critique partners and editors, or just at the fatigue from writing a manuscript, sometimes it feels like being a writer is making a life out of being shot down by other people. Sometimes, it's just downright stressful.

So. Relax.

This month has been a wee bit crazy for me, as y'all may have figured from my absence. With renovating my Pocono house in time for its new tenants, visiting my dying great-grandmother who has been in and out of the hospital and changing status over the past few weeks, editing my manuscript  in time for my betas, traveling back and forth to the Italian consulate in NYC in preparation for studying abroad in Italy, actually preparing to leave for Italy for 3 months, losing a couple of close friends, and the rest of the other general craziness that life brings, August has been one hell of a month.

But instead of crying out to the universe in anguish, "WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT. FROM. ME?" I say it with a shrug and the knowledge that I am only human. I'm only one person.

So are you.
(Unless you have a clone you'd like to let us know about.)

Life can be complicated. Writing can be even more complicated. Sometimes you need to take a break. Sometimes you need to work your ass off and disappear from the world, hauling ass while those around you assume you're being lazy, because you're not around. But don't feel too badly about it. After all, things will have to come back around to the bright side eventually.

(And because I've missed a few music Tuesdays, and since I uploaded a ridiculous amount of original songs and some covers to my youtube channel, GinaBlechmanMusic, here's a cover of Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me")

<3 Gina Blechman

P.S. By the time some of you read this, I just might be on my way to Italy. I leave at 9pm EST on 9/1.


  1. I never really got into Adam Lambert. Everyone else I know loves him though.

  2. I guess when you get this, you'll be in Italy! Everything seems to conspire to happen all at once. Nothing to do but roll with the punches.

  3. Be happy, be you, have fun :) And have the best time in Italy!