Wednesday, June 15, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday: Part 4 aka Logic Vs. Libido.

"Oh, come on now. We've gotta test out the merchandise. Have to make sure--" Dawn spreads her legs and lifts her dress enough to just barely show what's underneath. Not underwear. "that you'll be good for our guests."
"Wait." My sex dazzled mind pauses, trying to remember why it's fighting.
Go with it, Libido says. Go with them.
"You've slept with..."
"Every single one of them." Adele whispers.
I feel like I'm going to vomit. Fuck.
Are you happy now? (That’s the distinct voice of Logic, by the way.)
"Looks like somebody's wet,” Dawn croons.
Fuck. Fuck. Maybe it’ll distract them if--"I have my period.” Is that even a deterrent in this case?
Maybe. Dawn slide's back and looks at Adele for direction.
"It's okay." I don't know how I cough up the words. "I only wanted to see what was going on, that's all."
I scooch forward and Dawn dismounts. Her eyes say all I need to know. Wimp. Maybe I am.
Maybe that's why every woman brings the feel of Dawn's hands and Adele's lips as I find my way back through the house. I wonder how long it took for them aquire followers of this magnitude. And how long did it take for them to fuck 'em all?