Thursday, June 2, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday: Part 2

I've decided to post the segments in no particular order as to make things more interesting:

I shut the bathroom door, sit on the closed toilet seat, and open my mouth for the secrets to flow. I can't control what comes out--the low, gravelly moan, painful to my own ears. I put my hands to my lips, sucking in air to quiet myself. I can't have him hear me. I can't let him know. In an instance of rage, I grab one of the yellow, sunflower towels off of the rack and chuck it across the tiny half-bathroom. It sloshes to the floor, and I feel no better.

"Stupid," I mutter to myself. The mantra makes me calm. "Stupid, stupid, stupid."

The sunflower wallpaper blurs and I wipe more tears from my eyes. I stand up, lean against the bathroom counter, and give myself the most fed-up look I can muster.

"You're going to be fine," I say, as I splash water on my face, then pick up the hand towel from the floor. "He's your husband. He's a good man. And you love him."

<3 Gina Blechman


  1. Dearest Gina, I have tagged you on my blog so please get busy filling out all the questions :) And nice writing sample :)

  2. The WIP seems like it's going well!

    I tagged you with the exact same thing Michael did. What a coincidence! Of course you only have to do it once. :)

  3. Oh wow... such a small world Madeline. Perhaps this is a sign from the "great maker" Gina that you should do the blog tag thing. :p