Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Already Home by Susan Mallery

4 out of 5 Stars

Already Home is the first novel I've read on my romance journey this summer that's made me want to keep reading from the very start. It's a story about a woman, Jenna, who buys shop space, on a whim, to start her own cooking store,  only to find out that her potentially devastating, capricious purchase isn't nearly as surprising as the events to come. Through her shop, Jenna meets and hires a woman who is soon to be her new best friend, is visited by her birth parents who arrive without warning, and is re-approached by her least favorite man in the world, her ex-husband. She also gets the opportunity--it is a romance novel, after all--to discover, through her friend and herself, who the right kind of man is and which ones aren't worth the time or the bruising. And neither are the sort that either would expect.

Already Home is an honest, sweet, and funny love story, focusing on the meaning of family, doing what's right for one's self, and, of course, the right and wrong ways to fall in love. It's a quick and easy read, unburdened by excess plot or over-complicated BS. It's the type of novel that will make you laugh and give you the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies all at the same time.

I'd definitely recommend Already Home as a beach read; however, be warned, there is a lot of talk of food, cooking, and recipes, and you may just get a little bit hungry. (I know I did!)

<3 Gina Blechma

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