Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Connect with Your MC: Blogfest

I know, I know. Fridays are usually book review days, but this seemed too good to pass up. (I promise there will be a book review for you tomorrow, okay?) 

For now, this post is all about Jeannie Campbell's How to Connect with Your MC Blogfest. The blogfest focuses on three questions that can really help you get to know your MC. goes:

My interview with Ronnie McGallen 

What is your greatest fear?
Fear? God, it seems to be everywhere these days, doesn't it? But how can I not go forward? How can I not... Damn, I don't know...
Greatest fear, greatest fear... I'd say hurting Brian--you know, my husband--but if that were true, well, I can't say that all went as I had hoped... It's not a fairy tale, you know? Getting older, it isn't always as easy as they make it out to be, and no matter how liberal people think they are... I want to be happy. But, I guess...I guess I fear that I don't know what that means anymore or how to get there. God damn it, Indie. She always had a way of bringing out, for good or bad, the most in me.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Well, mother would say finding Brian, having the job I do, the house I in the nice town I live in. That's nice enough I suppose...for a woman like her. But sometimes? I look in the mirror and I look at my nearly forty-year old, worn down self, and I feel like half my life is gone and I don't even have half as much to show for it as I should...

What is your biggest regret?
Trying to predict what my regrets would be, listening to my mother, pretending that wanting was only that--something fleeting that would go away. Letting myself believe that I was being rash and couldn't've possibly known what was best for me at the time...and then never reconciling it as I got older, as I got married, as I went on with the next 20 years of my life. Seriously, take your pick. There's plenty to choose from.

Don't you get it? I just can't do this anymore.

<3 Gina Blechman


  1. So is this your character answering these questions? If so, I like the honest approach to the answers. It definitely makes for an interesting read and a character with which I can sympathize.

  2. Thank you. And yes, it is my character answering the questions.

  3. I like this interview, it's raw and honest.

  4. Biggest fear is always a great question for your MC. That way once we know what their fears are we (being the evil people we are) can use that against them. Awesome answers! :)

  5. Great interview! Your character has a very strong voice.

  6. Loved this. I'm intrigued by her voice, she's definitely an interesting figure. Somehow I suspect some major changes are afoot for her.

  7. Whoa, you've got a great sense of understanding for your character--she's so believable which always makes for a great story!

    Thanks for participating!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  8. Wow. This one really got me.


  9. Very strong voice! I love the brutal honesty here. Sounds like it'll be a really emotional story.

  10. Great character--can feel her agitation from here, and her frustration that life didn't happen the way she hoped. Strong.

  11. Very conversational tone. It tells a lot about personality!

  12. Your character sounds like a hot mess. Great job.

  13. Great dialog style. Her voice is strongly represented. It sounds likes she wants something more in her life.

  14. Sounds like your character is ready to break out and live a little.