Wednesday, May 25, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesdays: Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I started writing a new manuscript on May 8th, and am on track to have it finished by June 7th. (As in, I write 3-6k words a day. *woot woot!*) If I can keep on schedule after that, it should be beta-ready by early August. Until then, I'll be posting a short segment from it every wednesday to share some of what I've been working on.

Get Excited!

WIP Wednesdays: Segment 1

I lean on my pillow, aching with the withdrawal of sleep, and force myself to at least start moving upward. It takes skill to get out of bed these days--not like when I was a kid and could just jump into alertness at the drop of pin. There's a certain finesse, a certain inner dialogue required now.

It's time to wake up, Logic says.

Sloth groans and pats it's hypothetical, yawning mouth. No, it says. It's clearly not.

It's nearly six am, Logic says. It's time to get up.

Six am?


Well, that explains it.

Logic smiles.

That explains it all...What bloody sane human being wakes up at six am?

Logic gasps, takes a step back, and raises it's meticulously trimmed eyebrows. I will not take that tone of voice from you.

What? Starting to sound like that alarm clock of yours now, am I? Eeeeh, eeeeh, eeeeh.


Oh? Sloth rolls over on its side and yawns for dramatic effect. That's not very polite, Logic dear. Why don't you take a nap? You're cranky.

You will get out of this bed, right now, or I will not give you coffee.

Silence from Sloth.

Logic takes a deep breath and reclaims itself. I am counting to three now. One...two...

Okay, okay. Sloth groans. Come on, lazy bones. Time to get up.

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Gina Blechman


  1. Wow, that is QUICK work! I can't imagine being beta ready with anything for a LOOONG time... Sad face! :P

  2. Hehe, it sounds really interesting! :D I'm curious. Good luck getting everything done - you can do it!

  3. Great post! Love it.
    And, I've given you an award!
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  4. Wow you are a quick writer. I'm really slow :/