Monday, May 16, 2011

The Scoop: My new manuscript, my brief haitus, and questions for you!

Hey everyone!

Now, I know you've all been terribly sad about my brief finals-week hiatus, but I have good news:

Here's what I've been up to while I've been gone:
1) Editing some of Synesthesis and its queries
2) Sending more queries to potential agents

My goal for the new novel is to finish it by the end of June and have it beta ready by mid-August.

So here's where the question comes in...
My previous novel, Synesthesis, is YA dystopian. My new novel is LGBT romance and YA.
(Here's the gist...)

Veronica (Ronnie) McGallen married the man her mother told her to, fell in love with him, and moved on with her life. This is until she started reaching the dark side of 39 and her bringing her entire life into question. Ronnie's love and compassion for her husband and her burning desire to branch out and search for something greater leads her to the places she knows she'll never find love: in strip clubs and in beds, against walls, and on floors with superficial women. But when Ronnie accidently meets a woman she could actually fall for, she questions if it's equally wrong to give up the chance as it is to cheat on the man whose ring she wears...Still, does she really want lose the safe, sturdy, dependable, man she loves for a southern belle waitress who understands her without barely trying?

So,'s a bit different than the previous book. More steamy, more complex. I definately think it's more me. Even the way I'm writing is pleasantly more adult and literary in style  than my YA manuscript. The problem is, I don't know how this should affect the way I proceed. I mean, my blog has been dystopian themed, the agents I've looked for are YA agents looking for dystopians, and now I'm making a change that I know I have to take, because its much better for me and much more my style, but I don't know how to move forward from here. I've also been contemplating self-publishing Synesthesis if the queries fall through and then really looking for an agent for this WIP. What does one do in the event of such a large genre jump?

Comments? Advice? Pretty Pleeaaaasseee?


  1. I've heard of people getting more than one agent for more than one genre, although from what I understand agents aren't too thrilled by it. You probably can find an agent who will do both genres (one that comes to mind for both erotic and YA is Sara Megibow: Then I think the only problem is that you would want a pen name for one of the genres, so you aren't steering a bunch of kids to a site with erotic romance on it :)

  2. Is it erotic? If so, definitely a pen name. But the truth is, I write picture books and MG novels. So I need two agents. One for each. I also think if you enjoy writing the new one this much then maybe you should consider getting out of YA and writing big people stuff. Especially since you feel it more your style.

  3. Hi Gina. I haven't sought an agent so won't go there. Self pubbing seems to be the way many are going ATM. You would think there would be a great difference between your two novels, so perhaps you'd need 2 agents.

    I was excited to see you may join us for some Friday Romance writing. Some of that er, not YA type. The theme for Friday 20 is LOST so hope to see 400 shiny words (excerpt, new story, poem...on the theme.) Very exciting. We've only been going a week and a bit and it's building! Great exposure and practise with a view to publishing an anthology in the English Summer.


  4. I also have no agent nor do I plan to look for one. I write erotic romance, but am moving toward the less erotic. It's tough to manage two styles. If you truly want to the write the grown up stuff, publish the YA under a pen name. Actually, my recommendation is to publish everything under pen names always understanding that your real name will likely be revealed under the most embarrassing circumstances such as Judy Mays' was.

    For every bit of advice you receive there will be three people who will nay-say it. I would recommend taking your time, talking to a LOT of established writers, and considering the consequences for every move.

    I have a few books with various established e-publishers. I can tell you from experience the publishing world is changing so rapidly all information/advice will be obsolete next month.

  5. When I was in Junior highmy Hindi teacher had once said that kids see things in the colors of a rainbow, however as they grow up they can see only colors limited in a Kaliedescope becuase we limit their vision by teaching them just about our culture.

  6. I write in so many different genres that this is something I may have to consider someday too.

    LOVE your blog background image btw :)

  7. I vascillate between womens fiction and fantasy. Two vastly different genre's. A lot of my short stories and the new WIP is fantasy/fairy tale type. My first love. But, the womens fiction is also a story I feel compelled to tell, and the one I mostly identify with as a writer. I enjoy the sensuallity (sexual content), and the brutal truth of real life situations/relationships.

    It took me a long time to create a voice on my blog that is recognizeable as my own (at least, to me). I joined blogfests that allowed me to write in both genres with different subjects. I slowly started letting my readers see my "other side". The gritty voice is now embedded in both, but I still post excerpts that are completely obscenity/sexually scrubbed.

    Perhaps you could start allowing the lgbt content/voice to infuse your YA dystopian posts. Let your characters tell you what their identity/orientation is. Mix it up with flash fiction and short stories for practice. If the subject matter flows as naturally as it would between two hetero's in the same situation, then you know you're writing from your heart, from your passion. Gotta satisfy yourself as a writer before you can hope to capture a larger audience (IMO).

    I'm no expert on the subject of agents; but I read in several different forums that if an agent likes your submission enough to ask for a partial or full, they MAY visit your blog; but its more to assess your writing abilities, not necessarily to read what you've written.

    If you think of your blog as a social networking function, and a place to explore your writing, then you'll be comfortable with whatever you post. If the content changes as you develop your writing skills, then it changes. All for the better, I'm willing to bet.

    I have faith you'll find your comfort zone.

  8. No advice except i am in the same boat! running about with all these ideas for all these genres.

    Personally i am just going to go with the flow. Write all the genres and see which at the end appeals. Where i could write more in the future and take it from there.

    Difficult thing to try and work out.

    Love the idea by the way - sorry i know that was the main point of the post but i got side tracked.

    P.s Nice to see a couple of my 20 awesome blog hop competitors have popped over to your site and followed. Bonus points for them.

    For those that don't know i am running a competition where you follow and comment on my top 20 blogs and go in to win prizes :-)

    Oh and Gina, your comments *smack* are you going to KILL me if i said that i just wanted to read the end and didn't actually write any down?? --> I was in a coffee shop with only the ipad and no paper. I loved it and think that you did the ending right. *no more spoilers* - I do have one major comment and am writing an email right after this post.


  9. Sent you an email - Did you get it?

    Just making sure it was to the correct email address.

  10. I know people who have written LGBT fiction. Your premise is good. I don't write that genre but I wish you success. I genre jump a lot and I think that's fine. I didn't really try for an agent or publisher so I'm not sure the best options out there. You should check out this blog: She's a friend of mine and writes LGBT type fiction.