Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Help Each Other Out

Alright guys, my post today is super brief. I just have three quick things to say.

1) I'm trying to figure out how many times I should post per week. Since I've started blogging, I've put up a post nearly every day. However, I'm starting to wonder if this is too much, since most people don't have the time to check. How often would you suggest that I post?

2) I created a professional facebook the other day for purely the writing and musical parts of my life and career. PLEASE be my friend. you can search for me (Gina Blechman, of course) or go straight to my page Thanks!

3) How do you like the content on my blog? Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Less of? Anything I haven't been doing that you'd like me to start doing? (Adding more excerpts from my story was a thought of mine...) You ask and I'll do it!

See, I told you it'd be a brief post.  Thanks everyone. Have a great day!

<3 Gina Blechman


  1. I added you on Facebook, Gina. :) I've seen the three to five days work well for most blogs.

  2. I added you on FB! I try to check all the blogs I follow every day but I've noticed that there's a definitive lull over the weekend when everyone seems to be busy. Of course, being the weirdo that I am, I usually get MY posts up over the weekend, so what the hey.

    As for content, I'll have to think on it and comment again later. What you've been doing is great though :D

  3. Re: #1 - Write when you have something to say. Don't write when you've got nothing. Forcing yourself to post won't be fun for you or your readers!

    Re: #2 - I'll look you up!

    Re: #3 - I love your posts about writing. I also love your book reviews/discussions. Basically, keep doing what you're doing!

    Happy blogging...

    Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

  4. Being strapped for time, I don't post more than twice per week. Will have to get back to you on the content. Loved that Ultimate Editing Checklist. Friending you on Fb anon.

  5. Going to friend you on FB in a moment.

    I like your blog layout--it's relatively simple, and that works for me.

    I blog thrice weekly and sometimes even that feels like a lot! I'd say minimum twice a week. Beyond that it's about what you can handle.

  6. 1) I think a lot of people like blogs that are updated daily, but I can only check weekly so I get bogged down in blogs that are updated so frequently. I think 3x per week is the most I can read and reply to, if that helps :)

    2) As soon as I'm home and can get on Facebook (it's blocked at work) I'll Like you! Don't suppose you have a twitter? (I can sneak on that at work :P)

  7. Opps, and I forgot #3 :P

    3) I like story excerpts, but only if they come with some explanation. Don't just throw up random scenes where we have no idea what is going on :)

  8. I think once or twice a week is plenty, at least for me. It is hard to get to everyone's blog that I'd like to every day. I'll have to check out your facebook page.

  9. I just sent you a friend request on FB. I don't have any interesting bits to share so I just do a book review and author spotlight once a week. Then the time flies so fast checking on all other blogs and commenting!

    Okay, you already accepted my friend request on FB! Thanks!

  10. I'm new here, so I hope it's not weird that I weigh in on this, but I get overwhelmed when people post every day. It can be hard to keep up. I'd rather read a blog where the person posts only when they have something they really want to say instead of posting for the sake of keeping to a schedule. But then, some people write amazing posts every day and always have something new to say. In that case, fire away! :-)

  11. I post (nearly) every day because it's fun for me. But from time to time I don't have anything to write about or I just run out of hours, so I skip those days. However, it's not like every one of my readers comes by every single day.

    Basically, post when you have something to share!

  12. Like Caryn, I get a bit overwhelmed by blogs that are updated every day, because I try to follow so many. 3-4 updates a week works best for me. I really enjoy your book reviews and also your posts about writing. I'd also love to see more excerpts from your work.

  13. I usually only post two or three times a week. Sometimes things come up and I post more, or less.

    Most have already given my answer about a posting schedule - whatever works for you. A lot of people post every day. I do enjoy your content, when I have time to come by. I usually read two or three back posts to catch up. Sometimes I don't comment - YA is not my genre - but I like your posts.

    I think we're already friends on FB, but I'll check. I'm rarely on FB, for status updates or comments on other people's content.

    Have a good weekend.


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