Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Someone Get Dr. Drew, I Think I'm Addicted

Dear every-"guide-to-entering-the-writing-world"-that I've ever read,

Why on EARTH did you have to go and suggest social networking to me? First of all, I got a blog, per YOUR request, which caused me to stumble across this crazy chick, Rachael Harrie. Now, Rachel thought that it would be a fantastic idea to have two-hundred-and-fucking-sixteen people all friend each other and follow each others blogs. Does anyone understand how crazy that is? 216 people? Who has the time? Not me. But, apparently, now I'm finding the time, because I. Cant. Stop.

I have a blogging addiction. I think about it all day. I check my e-mail constantly. I can't even tell you how many times I've checked my dashboard to see how many new followers I have. It's not the I have the time, it's just that I, well, care. I love reading other peoples' blogs. I love knowing how they're doing, what they're doing, what they think I should be doing. (Even though I don't really have the time to be doing it, but hey, I might as well do it anyway!) I want. I need. I crave. I. Just. Can't. Quit.

And then, all of these lovely bloggers said "Hey, you should get a twitter." So I did. And then I began stalking. (I mean, following. The terminology is so strange these days. It's like asking for a "small" instread of a "tall" at starbucks. Following, stalking, same difference.) So I began stalking and tweeting and following writers and crusaders and agents and editors and publishers and publishing magazines and... yea, the list goes on.

It goes without saying, (though I'll say it anyway), that I'm also, as any good writer should, following five or six e-newsletters via e-mail. I'm stalking agents like no tomorrow and making lists that would make even the Stepford wives gain an inferiority complex.

WHAT IS THIS?! I'm already a chocolatoholic. I already have a growing collection of loose tea in my closet, and god knows that those stupid FlipSide pretzel crackers (which will make you see Jesus) will be the death of me. Now social networking?

Oh look, I have another bright, shiny follower...


  1. It is addicting isn't it? Hey crusader. I don't know that I'll ever get through the list, but I'm in one of your groups because I have one new adult/crossover wip.

    I write sci fi/fantasy/romance.

    Good luck managing this social thing. I'm drowing and it makes me feel a bit guilty because I love it so much, but my writing is suffering. *sigh* Too much guilt if I don't try and read everyone's blogs though...

    *wanders off to continue sifting through google reader*

  2. *sings* Another one bites the dust!

    I'm not even trying to follow all 216 Crusaders yet because I have edits due this weekend. But once the editing is done I'm going to do my best. And twitter is an awesome networking time-suck. It helps me if I announce I'm leaving Twitter until X gets done. Then I don't have such a strong urge to check it ever two seconds until I am done.

  3. Heh. Excellent post. Yeah, it is crazy, isn't it?

  4. Hey fellow stalker :-)
    lol i hope you know i AM joking...

    I have never got so little work done in my life. I swear my life revolves around "oohhh gotta go, another blog post has just been added.."
    "what?" queries my long suffering fiance.
    "you know, the crusade i have been on for the last week?"
    "Ah! the reason why there are 4 coffee cups on your desk and you keep me up till 2:00am typing?" ( i can't stand mess normally)

    He thinks i'm nuts.

    I wonder if "blog addiction" has a special name yet. I'm sure someone somewhere has been admitted to a 'facility' due to an addiction to blogs.

    Anyone know anything about this...

    i'm off to bed (it is 1:36am here)


  5. I know exaaaaaaaaaaaactly how you feel. And there will just be even more followers (and more blogs to follow!) from here on. It's fun that never ends! ;)

    Although I have never been on Twitter. I have a sneaking suspicion it will take a lot to stay that way. xD

  6. I know just what you mean I'm addicted too.

  7. I have nothing to add except my agreement.

    It was so much easier when i was doing networking piecemeal, but that's all gone out the door.

  8. lol, I know the feeling. It sucks up our time but it's brilliant fun :)

  9. I'm still muddling through trying to follow everyone. BUT WHAT FUN! I love it. So's I'z crusading with you. :)

  10. He, he, he.... we AAALLLLL know the feeling, hey! It does get better - but only a little! At some point you realise that there are other things in life aside from blogging that actually HAVE to happen (like that crazy little thing called writing a novel...). And at that point you become just a teeny bit less attached to your blog ;-)

  11. Don't burn out! Slow and steady. I got to about 125 followers and realized I wasn't going to be able to keep pace. I see those sites with 500+ followers and wonder when these people have time to do anything else.

    It's fun, but like anything fun, do it in moderation.

    - Eric