Sunday, February 27, 2011

For My Fellow Bloggers!

I have been nominated for two Stylish Blogger Awards, so I have decided to give one list of facts and SBA winners today and one on wednesday. (This will give you all something to luck forward to and me some time to visit other people's blogs.)

Also, Pablo REALLY wanted to present the SBA's, and since he asked so nicely, I decided to let him. (Isn't he just the CUTEST PENGUIN EVER! And so incredibly stylish.)

First, I need to thank the amazing blogger who awarded me with my first SBA, Laura J Moss. She's super sweet and funny, and you all should definately check out her blog.

Now for my seven random facts:

1) I have a Springer Spaniel, Nutmeg, and a beautiful, 14 year old calico cat, Lisa. I love them both, particularly my kitty!

2)I have addictions to chocolate, loose tea, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, sushi, and thai food.

3) I am watching the Oscars right now. (What? It's a random fact, isn't it?)

4) I love racial and cultural differences and all things that represent them, whether clothing, names, music, skin tones, food, dancing, etc.

5) When I was in second grade, my best friend and I wrote a picture book for our teacher. This was my first piece of recreational writing, and I haven't looked back since then.

6) I enjoy writing different genres and for different ages, and I sometimes wonder how that will work for me in the long run.

7) I play guitar and piano, and I sing as well. I have two guitars, my acoustic Ovation Celebrity, Rhiannon, and my electric Squire Fat Strat, Dorian. I also write my own music.

Now, to give away the Stylish Blogger Awards to 15 super stylin bloggers!

1) Sarah Ketley aka Constance (The Precocious Scribe)
2) Trisha Leaver
3) Alexis Fittinger (Kore Averna)
4) PK Hrezo
5) Erin (Quitting My Day Job)
6) Lisa M. Potts
7) Alyssa Udall
8) Madeleine (Scribble and Edit)
9) Lola Sharp (Sharp Pen/Dull Sword)
10) The Bookanistas
11) E.J. Wesley (The Open Vein)
12) Madeline Bartos (Capricious Existence)
13) Donna Hole
14) Elizabeth Mueller
15) Will Burke (Fatherhood & Other Common Terrors)

Thanks again to all of my amazing followers and a big round of applause for those wonderful, stylish folks that won the award tonight.

I mean, look at it folks, isn't it gorgeous? And so SHINY!

Be sure to stay tuned for more awesome posts and more awards!

<3 Gina Blechman


  1. Thanks for the award. I am one hundred percent with you on the chocolate addiction, but what is loose tea? Sorry, coffee drinker here :)

  2. ooohhh thanks :-)

    very pretty!

    I wish i could sing. NOT one of my talents i am afraid. The Phrase strangling the cat comes to mind.

    Have a fab day.


  3. Congrats to all the winners!

    Love this blog, Gina.


  4. I especially like your addictions! Very yummy!