Friday, February 25, 2011

All You Need is Love (do do do do do)

I've always said that even if I never got published, I would always continue to write. That if no one ever saw my work, I would keep at it anyway, because I'm doing what I love. It's true. Like most of you writers out there, the presence or absence of an audience does not effect my motivation to write. However, as I'm sure you'd all agree, it's with the help of others that I become a better writer and learn to love what I do even more.

As of this moment, I have 108 follows. Sure, many of them may not have had the chance to look at my blog and others just added me to be part of Crusade contests, but still...that's 108 followers in three weeks! I never would have imagined that could happen.

Therefore, I want to thank you. All of you. And for those who regularly check my posts and leave comments, I appreciate you even more. Just the idea that there are people out there who care what I do and are excited about it is inspiring to me, not to mention all of the ways that the advice you have already given and will continue to give.

So once again, thank you everyone. You make it a pleasure to blog each day, and whether or not I have the chance to check out every post of yours, you are all talented and wonderful writers and people. Have a great weekend everyone!

<3 Gina Blechman

P.S. Yesterday I received a Stylish Blog Award, and I will be announcing who I am passing it on to in my post tomorrow. So stay tuned!


  1. It's nice to think that we can do it on our own, but it is even nicer if there is someone there with the big boot kicking us forward. :-)or dragging us along with them or unfortunately sharing our disappointments with them.

    The people in this community are awesome aren't they Gina, they give you help and encouragement and tell you to "get a move on". It's nice to think that they care about other people enough to prod us along when we have moments of doubt.

    So thanks for your comments as well. Hopefully we can all tug, pull and prod each other through the rough bits and all sit back and drink champagne together when we all make it out the other side. :-)

    happy writing

  2. congrats! Its always nice to know that your words are at least reaching some ears, even if you would write is no one read ^.^ I also just hit over 100 followers and am having a little contest and a giveaway you should come over and check it out!

  3. Glad to hear that you plan to continue writing no matter what. That shows true love for your craft!

    I enjoy your posts, and I'm happy that the crusade led me to your blog. Keep up the good work and watch the followers number grow!

    Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

  4. I feel the same way about writing. I don't care who reads my writing, I'm just writing to satisfy myself, to give my muse the pleasure of being heard. ;) She's kind of weird like that.

    I'm glad your follower count has gone up so much, I'm proud to be a reader of your blog! :D

  5. Cheers! For one: congrats on the followers!

    For two: I love this post. Sometimes I notice myself getting a lil' caught up in the number of followers I have, and I need to step back and assess why I'm really doing this whole blog thing. I love writing, and I love sharing that passion with like-minded people. The whole reason I joined the "blogiverse" was to connect with people who share my dream, who are willing to be supportive and constructively critical when I need it.

    We're all in this together!

  6. I love your post - you're making me think of one of my favorite motivational quotes, from the German poet Rilke. It's a long one, hang in there with me:

    "This most of all: ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write? Dig into yourself for a deep answer. And if this answer rings out in assent, if you meet this solemn question with a strong, simple “I must,” then build your life in accordance with this necessity; your while life, even into its humblest and most indifferent hour, must become a sign and witness to this impulse."

    Never ever give up!

  7. I love you post. Staying positive is a wonderful thing. Yes, the crusade has a lot of us running around trying to catch up with everyone but it is so fantastic meeting all the new people. It's a pleasure to meet you.

  8. Hi, Gina,

    I think your blog ate my first comment, but that's what's happen when I'm moving too fast. I'm also a crusader and I've been trying to catch up with some fellow crusaders today.

  9. I know how you feel, I appreciate all my followers too :D

  10. It's a wonderful feeling when people comment on your blog and your writing, isn't it? That's one the reasons I think the writers' crusade is such a good idea - it connects so many kindred spirits who can all encourage each other along our journeys.

  11. I always find my entire mood changes when people stop by my blog and comment. There's a "lift" to my day and my writing reflects that. So thank you to YOU for stopping by!

  12. Congrats on the award & gaining followers!! :D

  13. Congratulations! And I totally know what you mean... this community really lifts my spirits too, it's just amazing :)

  14. Hello Gina. Phew, I'm finally getting around to my groups. I've just posted about you all and put up my blogfeed in my sidebar so I can do just this - see your latest post, come by and comment. I've also made the romance writer crusaders a badge. It's in my post. Go collect if you want to and put it in your sidebar.

    Congrats for gaining so many followers in such a short time due to the crusade. I hope I get more time to come by and read your writing. I've just finished a Publication Post series about becoming published and that took 7 weeks out of my life, ha ha. Back to biz now.

    Lovely to have you on my blogroll.


  15. I do write for myself, and because I feel compelled. But I must admit I do like to share my writing and have people enjoy it. ;)

    It's not so fun if they hate it. :P

  16. Hi,

    I made you with 112 followers! A new follower and a fellow group 20 member, here to introduce myself.

    I've got a giveaway coming up as well!